About FEGLI Exchange Program

For Producers:

As a life insurance producer of over 15 years, there is one thing that is certain, collecting information from your clients is required in nearly 100% of all cases you work on.

Meaning, whether you sell over the phone/internet, work within your local community or every client you work with is a near true dear long time friend or business contact, you still need to collect basic information from them in order to make the sale.

Example - you may be writing a 20 year level term on your cousin - but you likely do not know his basic information like DL #, SSN - and primary beneficiaries dates of birth (and sometimes their SSN's) in order to get your process started or application submitted.

FEGLI Exchange Program helps consumers (those your are trying to sell life insurance to) and producers (brokers, agents, enrollment centers) collect information from their clients in an efficient manner.

If your clients prefer to provide their information over the phone, or face to face, you may still use FEGLI Exchange Program's interface to record the data and post into your CRM, lead manager or excel sheet you keep. - whether at the time of collection or back at your home/office.

No matter what kind of client you are working with (term, permanent - even annuities etc), data collection is required - and most often secured after the client has seen quotes that have been generated to match up to what they wish to apply (company, term, amount etc.) ...

For a simple monthly fee, clients may add our plug in to their existing websites (preferred method), or we can host and create one for you.

Once you begin working with FEGLI Exchange Program, you will hopefully see a few of the below benefits:

  • 1. Enjoy getting notifications when a client visits your site (and even see what quotes they were viewing) to help you follow up better.
  • 2. Spending less time preparing quotes and sending them off to clients (this includes your staff spending less time).
  • 3. You may still process your business in using your existing relationships, we are simply a tool that will likely become your best friend.