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Your FEGLI Option B life insurance rates will become prohibitively expensive above age 50:

Group life insurance rates become prohibitively expensive as you near age 50 | Private market alternatives are usually less expensive and are portable into retirement.

About the FEGLI Exchange Program

FEGLI Exchange Program helps consumers compare their FEGLI option B coverage to open market alternatives. This program often times saves consumers thousands to tens of thousands of dollars on their life insurance policies over their lifetime.

The FEGLI Exchange Program works with customers age 18-80, in all States including DC. We compare FEGLI option B coverage to term and permanent life insurance, offering you choice.

Once you begin working with FEGLI Exchange Program, you will see a few of the below benefits:

  • 1. Compare rates with top companies against your current FEGLI option B coverage.
  • 2. See long term savings against your FEGLI option B coverage.
  • 3. See financial ratings of open market insurance companies.